The Family

This team does not aim at merely collecting materials and comparing different legal regimes across the several countries involved in this project with respect to conflicts between religious and secular rules. Considerable work has already been done in this field, particularly by partners involved in the RELIGARE project. The research team will add to it indepth research on, among others, the reasons that may explain the desire for the application of sharia norms and the attitudes of an existing legal order towards it. There might be reasons of feeling misunderstood by the ruling order, of mere ignorance of the possibilities for accommodation within this order, of different perceptions of “privacy” and the need of State interference etc. Also different attitudes towards the contents of personal status laws (especially gender relations) have to be taken into consideration. Thus, both the developments of attitudes with regard to personal status and family affairs as well as the space of accommodation in this realm with respect to religious minorities have to be given serious consideration.


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