Instructions to the RELIGARE Website

The RELIGARE Website is distributed in three main Menus (Top, Left and Right), which are permanent during our exploration, and a Central Page with a Sliding Panel displayed in the Homepage. The Central Page is dynamic and it displays the latest developments and news concerning the project. In this light, the Sliding Panel also constributes showing in a way of a short presentation (flash) the most relevant news, information, latest publications including a direct link to the news.

The TOP MENU provides you with general information of the project and the main outcomes, such as Publications and Events. The top menu is divided in the following Sections:

- ABOUT RELIGARE: When clicking at this Section, you will find all the information related to the Background and Concept of the RELIGARE Project. This Menu contains three different sub-sections:

1) What is RELIGARE, giving an overview of the Project, Structure, Work Plan and presentation of the research fields;
2) Promotional Material, where you can find the Leaflet and the Booklet on the Project Identity;
3) Press Releases
4) Other research project, providing information and details of other projects working on related research matters.

- RESEARCH FIELDS: In this Section you will find all the relevant information on the different research fields (a total of six) that RELIGARE investigates and the methodology carried out. When selecting a concrete Research field, on the right hand side we will find a new panel with Related Contents.

- PARTICIPANTS: This Section presents the participants involved in the Project (identified as Consortium) and the Advisory Board. When clicking at any of these two Groups, we will be directed to a new page with the presentation of the Partner institutions (with a map of Europe where to find the precise location of the partners) and the individual members of the Advisory Board.

- PUBLICATIONS: You may find in this Section a compilation of all the RELIGARE publications that will be elaborated during the course of the project.

- EVENTS: All the events and activities foreseen within the framework of RELIGARE will be publicized in this Section as well as Reports, material and pictures of past events.

- BIBLIOGRAPHY: It will provide all the bibliographical references relevant to the project.

- CONTACT: It provides the contact details of the project managers in case you may have any question related to the framework of the research Project.

The LEFT HAND SIDE MENUS have as main focus to keep you informed on the main developments and activities of the Project.

- Interactive CALENDAR, which indicates the dates of RELIGARE activities or related events.

- NEWSLETTER: This Menu gives access to the electronic version of the RELIGARE Newsletter.

- KEEP ME INFORMED tool to register and decide which type of information would you like to receive within the RELIGARE project.

- Relevant LINKS: It offers a list of relevant links to Institutions, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations at European and International level

- REPORT A PROBLEM: It provides an electronic Form to report problems that you may have while using the RELIGARE Website.


- PROJECT INTRANET: Option restricted to the partners.


Finally, the RIGHT HAND SIDE MENUS offer tailor-made information to different audiences as well as a compilation of the new and latest developments considered relevant and linked to the project objectives. 

- RELIGARE’S CONTRIBUTIONS TO: It is divided into four groups involving different audiences. The information provided in each of the groups has been tailor-made according to the different interests and needs.

- CASE LAW SUMMARIES: This Section provides you with summaries of the most relevant case law linked to the research fields.

- NEW ON THE WEBSITE: It reflects all the new posts that have been introduced recently in the Website. This Menu will help you to identify immediately which have been the new items included or modified in the Website.

- LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: It pinpoints relevant News related to the RELIGARE research fields as well as latest publications and results coming up from the project.